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Prince George's Plan 2035 Approved General Plan Five-Year Evaluation (2019)

Duggal Real Estate Advisors, LLC was on a team with Wildan Financial & Economic Consulting Services to evaluate Plan 2035. The Plan 2035 Evaluation Report quantifies the key Indicators of Success from Plan 2035 and identifies where progress has been made and where progress has yet to occur. The report concludes with new recommendations to adapt, manage, and adjust Plan 2035 goals, policies and strategies to stay current with demographic, economic, social, and environmental trends affecting Prince George’s County, thereby ensuring future progress toward goals. Duggal Real Estate Advisors helped to analyze the key indicators of success and provided recommendations to adapt and adjust Plan 2035. 

Public Works & Public Utilities Relocation Analysis in Chesapeake, Virginia

The City of Chesapeake was considering redeveloping or relocating the Public Works and Public Utilities (PW/PU) facilities from a site on Greenbrier Parkway to a greenfield site in another part of the city. The existing buildings are in need of renovation, and prior to spending the money on the redevelopment of the site, the question arose as to whether the site, given its location near Greenbrier Mall, would be more valuable if it were sold for private development. 
The objectives for this study were to:

  • Determine the market opportunity for commercial (retail, office, or industrial) land uses at the Greenbrier site.

  • Compare the costs and revenues associated with redevelopment of the Greenbrier site compared to moving the facilities to a new site.

  • Understand other criteria (besides costs and revenues) that may impact the decision to move the facility.

  • Provide recommendations in the form of a side-by-side analysis of both of the scenarios in terms of costs, revenues, and other criteria.

Downtown Master Plan Market Study in Mount Airy, Maryland

The Town of Mount Airy hired Duggal Real Estate Advisors as part of a team assembled by Design Collective to develop a Downtown Master Plan to serve as a 10-year Strategic Plan for the Downtown Area and Center Street Corridor. The downtown area is a destination for residents and tourists and is in need of a plan that provides a clear vision and achievable action items to encourage and guide development and investment in both real estate and infrastructure. 


The Town of Mount Airy is a suburban bedroom community of 9,800 residents located approximately 60 miles northwest of the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan areas. Mount Airy is also located within a four county area, with a regional population of approximately 40,000 residents making it highly accessible to several local job markets.

Although the Town has seen significant growth over the last twenty years, it still retains its small town charm. In 2014, the Town Master Plan was updated and adopted with a focus on perpetuating and enhancing those small town attributes. As stated in their 2014 Master Plan, during the next twenty years, the Town will strive to retain its feel as a small and closely knit community. As part of that vision, the Town will pursue a continued revitalization of the Downtown Area as well as high quality in-fill development and redevelopment of office, restaurant, and retail spaces leading into the historic downtown area.

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