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Financial Analysis for a Project in Laurel, Maryland

Duggal Real Estate Advisors completed a market study and a financial analysis to help optimize the unit mix and understand the likely financial returns for a residential project located in Laurel, Maryland.

Retail, Office, & Industrial Market Study in Chesapeake, Virginia

As a part of an analysis to determine whether the City of Chesapeake should move their Public Works and Public Utilities facilities, Duggal Real Estate Advisors completed a market study for the site for retail, office, and industrial land uses.

Mixed-Use Market Study in Leesburg, VA

Duggal Real Estate Advisors completed a mixed-use market study (for-sale residential, for-rent residential, retail, and office) on a highly walkable infill property located within walking distance to downtown, Leesburg, Virginia.


The client wanted to understand the market opportunity for each of the product types at the subject site. The objectives for completing this study were to:  determine the market support for the various land uses at the subject site; understand the target market audience for each of the land uses, and determine the likely depth of demand for each one; and to provide recommendations on pricing, timing, market audience, and absorption for each of the land uses.

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