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Mixed-Use and Commercial Project Examples

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East Adams Street Neighborhood Market Study

Syracuse, New York

McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc. was selected by the Syracuse Housing Authority as Master Developer of the approximately $500 million revitalization of the East Adams Street Neighborhood in Syracuse, New York. The neighborhood consists of 1,037 units of publicly owned affordable housing units as well as privately owned developments. Duggal Advisors was hired to complete a detailed market study of housing, retail, and office uses to understand the redevelopment potential of the area from a market perspective.


For-Sale and For-Rent Market Analysis in Transitioning Area

Chester, Pennsylvania

Duggal Real Estate Advisors worked with a developer on a market study to redevelop approximately 60 acres in Chester, Pennsylvania. The area is characterized by a mixture of vacant lots, existing homes, and commercial properties. The preliminary program included townhouses, two over twos, small houses, for-rent multifamily apartments, and a variety of commercial uses.


Retail and Office Market Analysis in Transitioning Area

Baltimore, Maryland

Telesis Baltimore Corporation was selected as the master planner and developer of the Barclay neighborhood redevelopment in Baltimore, Maryland. To date more than 300 residential units have been constructed in the neighborhood. Telesis Baltimore was ready to add retail and office to the redevelopment efforts. Duggal Real Estate Advisors was hired to determine the market support for retail and office land uses at the subject site.

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Mixed-Use Market Analysis Redevelopment

Leesburg, Virginia

Duggal Real Estate Advisors completed a mixed-use market study (for-sale residential, for-rent residential, retail, and office) on a highly walkable infill property located within walking distance to downtown, Leesburg, Virginia. The objectives for completing this study were to:  determine the market support for the various land uses at the subject site; understand the target market audience for each of the land uses, and determine the likely depth of demand for each one; and to provide recommendations on pricing, timing, market audience, and absorption for each of the land uses.


For-Rent and For-Sale Residential Market Study

Frederick, Maryland

Duggal Real Estate Advisors completed a for-sale and for-rent residential market analysis on a large-scale, mixed-use project in Frederick, Maryland. The project will include up to 1,050 residential units and 105,000 square feet of commercial uses. The study determined the market demand for the residential uses including target market audience, unit mix, price/rent, timing, and absorption.


Retail Study

Loudoun County, Virginia

Duggal Real Estate Advisors in conjunction with George Mason University completed a study in the Algonkian District of Loudoun County, Virginia to understand challenges and opportunities for revitalization from the viewpoint of store owners and property managers. We delivered a white paper to the District Supervisor's office that described findings, identified challenges and other barriers to growth, and provided opportunities for further strategy development.

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For-Sale and For-Rent Market Study

Laurel, Maryland

Duggal Real Estate Advisors worked on a market study in Laurel, Maryland. The plans for the project featured a more urban, unique architecture then is currently seen in Laurel. The project could include rental apartments, townhomes, and two over two or one over two units. One of the challenges of the project was determining the optimal mix of the site.

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