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Real Estate Responses to Covid - Dynamic Trends within the Housing, Retail & Office Sectors

July 18, 2022

Melina enjoyed presenting at APA Virginia's Annual Conference in Richmond, Virginia.

Analyzing Real Estate Projects During Uncertain Times

May 20, 2020

As we all know, the current pandemic is having a significant impact on the real estate industry. However, some of the best real estate opportunities can come up during these challenging times. Have you been struggling with how to analyze a real estate investment or project? Based upon lessons learned and best practices from past downturns, I've outlined an approach to complete a real estate market study during these uncertain times.

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Land Development Handbook Series

April 23, 2019

Melina was pleased to be an External Content Contributor to Development of the Built Environment, part of the Land Development Handbook series, a widely used reference for design professionals, students, and private and public land developers, available from publisher McGraw-Hill. Authored by Dewberry and originally published in 1995, the first three editions have sold nearly 40,000 copies to date. The new edition and accompanying books are available through McGraw-Hill, Amazon, and other retailers.

Connections and Community: Knitting Together La Plata's Center

May 11-12, 2016

Melina was excited to be a Panelist for a ULI Washington Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) program in La Plata, Maryland. The panelists recommended a host of strategies aimed at enhancing redevelopment potential for the site. These recommendations touch on issues relating to transportation, connectivity, and circulation; highest and best use for development; design; funding; prioritization; and implementation.

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