Market Feasibility



The backbone of many real estate decisions is the market feasibility analysis. We have provided market analysis for virtually all types of land uses in many types of environments including urban, suburban, and rural locations. We understand each land use individually as well as in a part of a mixed-use project. Market studies can range from a large-scale MPC to a small in-fill development. We have the ability to go into a geography and understand the market potential of a project based upon an analysis of site conditions, demographic and economic data, competitive supply data, and a forward-looking demand analysis.

Public Sector Market Support



Duggal RE Advisors provides a variety of services for public sector clients including Corridor Studies and Regional Growth Strategies as well as:     


  • Comprehensive Plans: We provide the market-based support for plans to ensure they are market-driven, implementable, and grounded in reality. We analyze economic and demographic data as well as competitive market information.


  • Redevelopment Plans: Duggal Real Estate Advisors analyzes the future redevelopment potential of the site(s) based upon an analysis of economic and demographic data, demand fundamentals, and supply characteristics of the area.


  • Code Review: Based upon her planning background combined with market research, Melina reviews SmartCodes, Zoning Ordinances, and policies to help ensure that they are implementable and achieve the goals set out by the public agency.

Corridor Studies



Duggal Real Estate Advisors, LLC utilizes market knowledge to determine the real estate opportunity for land uses along the studied corridor. We have found that it is critical to be realistic about what can happen along an aging corridor, and not expect changes overnight. It's often important to identify key activity centers or nodes, and focus on those areas. We provide realistic, actionable market recommendations to help communities and Department of Transportation agencies plan for the future redevelopment.

Master-Planned Communities (MPC)



We provide a variety of services for MPCs including market analysis, financial analysis, community segmentation, demand models, consumer research, and product programming. We work with both developers of new and on-going projects, helping to determine the optimal mix of land uses, product types, and short- and long-term demands.


We specialize in understanding how all the components of MPC work together to create the whole and the lifestyle that sells to consumers. We also work with builders within MPC to help them refine their product and optimize their sales.

Financial Analysis


Duggal Real Estate Advisors believes in developing plans that are actionable and implementable. We help determine the financial viability of projects for clients. This includes pro forma creation, financial optimization analysis, cost/revenue analysis, cash flows, and residual land value analysis.

Regional Growth Strategies



Duggal Real Estate Advisors, LLC specializes in regional growth strategies. Melina, along with a former colleague, developed a methodology to understand and predict regional growth trends. This is detailed in an article, “A Predictive Framework for Understanding Regional Growth Trends.” 



Large Landowner Support



Duggal Advisors provides specialized support for large landowners ranging from timber companies to religious institutions to school systems. We have a methodology to help these landowners understand the market potential of their acreage. Given the large amount of land involved, we help prioritize key sites/areas for focus, and help guide development decisions. We help large landowners determine the highest and best use of land, program out development opportunities, and work with planners and designers to bring the advice to life.


Research and Analysis



All of our projects are grounded with strong research and analysis. We stay on top of market trends so our clients benefit from that knowledge. We utilize both local and national secondary sources of economic and demographic data, and understand why the sources vary. We conduct our own primary research for our clients and projects. In addition, we research and analyze key trends in the industry and write and speak on the results.


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