Entrepreneurship - Half Way Into Year Two

I found a button on Wix while updating my website today that allows you to add a blog to your website, and I thought, "What the heck, why not write a blog?" Updating my website today has given me the opportunity to reflect back on the last year of owning my own company. It has been far better than I anticipated. People have been very helpful - sending me leads and clients and opportunities. (If you are reading this, and know of one, please let me know!) Another thought I had today, when it was the second day in a row of wearing business attire (as opposed to yoga pants), was I like not getting dressed up everyday for work, but there is definitely something about putting on corporate clothing that makes you feel corporate. It's like armor or something. So, that's it for today. I put in a good number of hours and finished a project. That always feels good. Now onto the next one (and dinner for the kids, baseball practice, etc.....)

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