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Other Project Examples

Financial Report

Financial Analysis & Product Optimization

Laurel, Maryland

Duggal Real Estate Advisors completed a market study and a financial analysis to help optimize the unit mix and understand the likely financial returns for a residential project located in Laurel, Maryland.

Seasonal Cottage Market Study

Palmer, Massachusetts

Seasonal cottages in planned communities are a relatively untested concept in western Massachusetts. We were hired to complete a market study for a 170 unit seasonal cottage project on a lake in western Massachusetts. Projects that have been successful in Maine and in other parts of Massachusetts have focused on providing a well-executed community with a strong sense of place. In order to understand the market for this unique product, we conducted case studies as well as examined cottage home sales on lakes in the region.

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Urban-Style Apartment Tour

Mosaic District & Merrifield, Virginia

Melina is an active member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI). She serves on a number of committees including the Housing Initiative Council which focuses on the supply and demand of housing and what public and private policy and best practices are in the housing arena.
She worked with other committee members to organize a tour of the Mosaic District and Merrifield area in Fairfax County, Virginia. The tour was for public officials in the area to explore the new residential offerings in these areas.
These areas have been able to offer dense, urban-style apartment product in a redeveloping suburban area.

Resort/Second Home Study

Ely, Minnesota

Duggal Real Estate Advisors worked with a timber company on a large tract of land in a spectacular natural setting. The project involved analyzing the site for a variety of land uses and concepts including large estate lots, cluster homes, hotel, eco-hotel, glamping, RV Park, among other uses. 
One of the challenges with rural properties, even those that have spectacular natural beauty is determining what uses are market-supported.
We recommended a concept that is market-driven, respects the natural features of the land, and is profitable to develop.


Large Landowner Real Estate Strategy

Northern Idaho

Duggal Real Estate Advisors worked with a timber company to help devise a real estate strategy for their holdings in Northern Idaho.
As a part of this process, we visited multiple properties as well as feeder markets, analyzed land sales and other data, and provided recommendations on the future strategy to pursue for the non-core timberland.
This analysis utilized a more regional approach than a traditional, site-specific market study.

Tipton Airport Market Study

Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Melina was the faculty advisor for a graduate student in the Urban Studies and Planning Program in the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at the University of Maryland. The student completed an assessment on the future of Tipton Airport located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The analysis included information on a general aviation outlook, an assessment on Tipton airpot, opportunities and constraints at the airport, and the future demand potential for aircraft operations at Tipton. Finally, both short- and long-term recommendations were provided to the airport to help increase demand.

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